Cuban Oil Industry

We are a vertically integrated and highly specialized Superior Business Management Organization, made up of 26 companies, 3 of which are joint ventures.

We take care of all oil and gas operations in Cuba, both upstream (UPSTREAM) and downstream (DOWNSTREAM) with our own means or by establishing partnerships with foreign companies.

We work under the supervision of the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MINEM) and we keep the Government Board informed.


CUPET in numbers

To guarantee the operation of the industry and meet its objectives and goals, the Cuba-Oil Union  has specialized human capital that provides knowledge, experiences, motivations, skills, capacities and technical competencies.



Human Capital

More than 20 000 employees:
% High Level
% Midle Level
% Womens
% Men



Our Enterprises

The Cuban oil industry has 26 companies (three of them mixed) in charge of guaranteeing all the operations of the sector related to exploration-production, the development of the exploitation of gas and oil fields, refining, trade and supply of fuels and their derivatives, as well as general and specialized services, directly or as a counterpart of foreign firms, representing CUPET.



Doing Business with CUPET

We are the authorized organization to establish relations with foreign oil companies to explore and produce hydrocarbons in the Republic of Cuba and in its Exclusive Economic Zone, by its own means or in association with foreign companies. Since 1991 Cuba has adopted a policy of attracting foreign investment to key sectors of the economy, […]

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CUPET and the World

The Union Cuba-Petroleo ” CUPET”  has business and training agreements with the following countries: Business: Canada, Venezuela, Angola, Russia, China, United Kingdom, France, and Australia Training: Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago, Brazil, China, Argentina, Curazao, United Kingdom, France, Romania, Russia and Norway

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AEI & Joint Ventures

  AEI Elfs Gas Cuba ELF Gas Cuba SA, based in the city of Santiago de Cuba, inaugurated in 2018 as part of the gasification undertaken in the municipality of Santiago, the Cuban-French entity has since satisfied the demand of the CUPET fuel marketing companies in the provinces Santiago, Granmense and Guantanamera, as well as […]

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People information


Commercial houses