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The Cuban Lubricants Enterprise was constituted under Resolution 104 of the Minister of Basic Industry on June 28, 1995, with the objective of concentrating the production and commercialization of lubricants in a company.

As part of the Union Cuba-Petroleo , it is an organization with legal personality, economic, financial, technical, productive, commercial and contractual management, with controlled autonomy in compliance with what is established by the government and the Cuban state.

CUBALUB organizes its processes by technical work groups, which are responsible for all processes related to business planning, accounting, finance, costs, prices, human capital and those that guarantee the execution of the processes of production of goods and services that are grouped in 16 Base Business Units that have controlled autonomy in their economic management contributing benefit to the enterprise.


To consolidate the leadership in the domestic market of lubricants, incorporating other segments and introducing new internationally approved products, raising competitiveness and corporate image, through technological development and the recognition of its brand, CUBALUB. Contact with CUBALUB


Being a company that operates with high levels of control that enable the production of lubricants of superior quality, with levels of economic efficiency that allows it to be competitive in the domestic and international market, with an adequate level of profitability and that has a commercial network and infrastructure Efficient logistics and communications, with a quick response to customer requests, with recognition of the CUBALUB brand.

Our products:

Our products:


CUBALUB has a Quality Management System certified by the ISO 9000 family standards since 2001 by BVC (Bureau Veritas Certification) and ONN (National Standardization Office) passing all Monitoring and Recertification Audits every 3 years , the scope of it is the production and commercialization of lubricants at a national level. In December 2011, through Resolution No.226, it manages to certify the Occupational Health and Safety Management System, (NC 18001: 2005) and Integrated Human Capital Management System (NC 3001: 2007) with the common scope requested from the processes of production and commercialization of lubricants.

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