Computer, Automation and Communications

Computer, Automation and Communications

Over 30 years of engineering experience. Qualified and competent staff. High level of information and technical computerization.


TECNOMÁTICA is a company recognized for the development of Computer Applications, both for generalizable use to various branches and spheres of the economy, as the so-called “Custom Software” has its own platform that allows the agile development of business applications. The platform imposes a business modeling methodology that takes as inputs the knowledge of domain experts regarding:

Business objects and their interrelationships.

Business objects life cycle.

Organizational charts and roles.

Matrices of responsibilities.

Rules of business.

Voting mechanisms used in each decision.

Synchronization of decisions.

Permissions for registration, access and modification of business objects.

Notifications settings

 Our company has experience in the different working platforms.

Microsoft Visual Studio + SQL Server

Java + PostgreSQ

Genexus + SQL Server.

Computer Systems Integration

SISCONT is the flagship product of Tecnomática, this accounting-financial management system was created in 1985, and is currently used by more than 800 accounting centers.

SISCONT5 is the most current version of the product that is duly certified by the MIC and MEP Monitoring and Control Agency pursuant to resolution 02-08 of February 2, 2008 issued by said agency (renewed in 2011 and in force until 2014) which allows its use in the national territory. It is formed by the following subsystems:

System Administration Module

General Accounting

Cost Accounting

Financial statements

Fixed assets

Collections and payments


Warehouse Control (internal and external scenarios)


Payroll Integrator Module with HR Systems


Management Module

SISCONT5 with its subsystems has another important characteristic; is prepared to integrate taxing or receiving information from other systems carried out by Tecnomática, other Cuban companies and even foreign companies. Tools have been developed to facilitate the conversion of data to customers migrating from other accounting systems to SISCONT5, as well as others that allow massive changes of accounts, product classifiers, etc.

The most important systems that integrate SISCONT5 are:

SIPOBAS: System for the control and promotion of Idle Products and slow Movement. Created and marketed by Tecnomática. SIPOBAS takes the data of products declared idle within SISCONT. It is offered as a web service or can be commercialized to those entities that wish to host it in its private network.
Mistral is a system specialized in the control of warehouse, imports, workshop and other aspects of interest for the business management that was created and is commercialized in Cuba by a non-Cuban entity, is totally integrated with SISCONT avoiding duplication of data. Tecnomática provides technical support for this system in agreement with the production company.

SGESTMAN: is a specialized system in the maintenance activity, is very widespread in the Cuban industry and integrates with SISCONT through the maintenance orders.

Likewise, ASSETS is a non-Cuban Economic Management System, but very common in the country, SISCONT has worked for companies that use it to interact with their data.

SIGERH and SAGREH are Human Resources Management Systems, created and marketed by UNE and Serconi of CubaNiquel, respectively, achieving compatibility with SISCONT5 through an integrative application developed by Tecnomática.


It develops projects that offer integral solutions with the technologies of Computing, Automatic and Communications, also guaranteeing the technological transfer, support, preparation of the personnel and total support to our industry, with guarantees in the time for the equipment used of spare parts and by the direct contact With the manufacturer of the products offered
Among the most significant projects implemented in these years are:

Integral Automation Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Unit Plant 2, Refinery “Ñico López

Integrated Automation Tower and Oven 1, Floor 1, Refinery “Ñico López”

Automation of the Absorption Area of the Ammonia Recovery Plant of the ECG Enterprise of MOA.

Automation Leaching Plant of the RRL Enterprise of Nicaro.

Supply of equipment for the automation of the Ammonia and Fuel Bases of the MOA Port.

Automation of the Plasma Fractionation Plant Hemoderivatives Laboratory Adalberto Pesant.

Automation CC Boca de Jaruco in EPEP Occidente.

Technical assistance, comprehensive automation solutions and supplies CTE Máximo Gómez MARIEL.

Supplies equipment and spare parts to EPEP Centro.

Supplies and supervision of assembly instruments AICA Laboratories.

Maintenance and extension of LAN in ENERGOIMPORT.

LAN Assembly in the Engineering and Petroleum Projects Enterprise (EIPP).

ISP Provider

Tecnomática as an ISP provider, supplies the Aggregated Services through the Telebas Central Node, for this it has a modernized infrastructure and with greater capacity and availability of connectivity.

Once these conditions are achieved, there is already a better capacity to integrate the infrastructure to a new generation of services running on the Telebas network.

Telebas cloud services will enable enterprises to access their applications with faster, more manageable and less maintenance-enabled applications, and enable them to more quickly adapt resources to meet changing and unpredictable business demands.

Support Services

The First Level Technical Support Service aims to guarantee the correct functioning of the Systems for 24hx365d. This is achieved through the monitoring service of links and applications on the Telebas network and the rapid response to incidents that the client sends to the Incident Record System. This service includes periodic review and diagnosis visits at the client’s location.
The Specialized and Advisory Services are based on having a staff of professionals with the know-how and with a trajectory in the disciplines (DBA, SysAdmin, Networking and Management of Web Applications), able to provide advice on diverse topics as: configuration , Migrations, virtualization, adjustments, design and resizing of telematic infrastructures, performance studies, security analysis, technical opinions, feasibility studies, calculation of budgets for ICT investments, data capture, operating system configurations, hardware and networks , etc.

Business Modeling Services

GESPROY, or Project Documentation Management System, is an automated system that allows the Planning, Organization, Direction and Control of the documentation of an Engineering Project throughout its life cycle.

Deployed on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS 2007), a Web platform that provides easy management and personalized content search, thus accelerating shared business processes.

Included are the development and deployment of enterprise applications and Web services for business process modeling. (Ultimus system for flows of approval of contracts and nonconformities.) System Cases for attention to

Customer Complaints


* Development, implementation and deployment of applications for corporate and project management. (Corporate Intranet, Document Management Systems, GESPROY, etc.).

* Business processes modeling Web services. (Ultimus System for contract approval processes and nonconformities. System Cases for the attention to the Complaints of clients or of the population).

* Publishing of Web sites or applications in the Telebas network environment and the Internet.

* Virtual hosting of Web sites or applications (Virtual Hosting) with remote administration from the client in the Telebas network environment and Internet.

* Internet Service Provider (ISP) which includes all Aggregated Services over the network.

* Provider of Connected Services and Switched Accounts.

* Lease of PAP ports.

* Rental of storage spaces such as FTP sites.

* E-mail services with transfer capability up to 20Mb.
* Lease of virtual HW spaces. Service of virtual machines (instances) in both Windows and Linux totally configurable and scalable to the measure of the client.

* SMS Web services and exchange with mobile devices.

* Service to store and recover large amount of data from any part of the Telebas (Advanced Storage Service) network.

* Scanning vulnerabilities to Web sites and applications.

* Support or Advisory Services Specialized in the exploitation, planning, updating, security and maintenance of ICT.

* Execution of scalability projects of telematic infrastructures.

* Technical Support for Infocommunication systems and services for 24hx365d.

* Monitoring of Infocommunication systems and services during the 24hx365d.

It includes the delivery of periodic reports of the state or the statistical behavior of the systems.

* VPN configuration for encrypted data exchange within the Telebas network.
Tecnomática, through the UEB of InfoComunicaciones and covered in the corresponding licenses, incorporates services that integrally will respond mainly to the needs or priorities of the clients and to support in the fulfillment of the transformations of our ministry.

We propose to provide, through a completely modernized and virtualized infrastructure, a range of services in an environment of High Availability, Reliability and Security. We have for this purpose a team of professionals immersed in a quality management system certified nationally and internationally; and from the technological point of view we have a new Data Processing Center (CPD) with high levels of connectivity.

Recently, a worldwide boom in the deployment of services that directly support the requirement for optimized use of IT resources has been seen. The introductions of cloud services or services (Cloud Computing Services Provider) have encouraged Tecnomática to start incorporating and adapting in our sector of service modalities such as the so-called SaaS and IaaS.


With the support of a group of suppliers with whom we maintain a solid work for several years of joint work Tecnomática offers its clients a wide range of computer equipment.

Personal bureaus and laptops

Laptop and Personal Computer Accessories

Laser, inkjet and ribbon printers.

Backup sources.

Professional Servers for Computer Networks

Active and inactive network equipment, including wireless technology.

Industrial and Communication Automation Equipment
Computer supplies.

Generally, the equipment must be contracted on request forming a purchase project and the client will be in agreement with the strategy and requirements of each of the purchases to be made.

The supply of inputs can be contracted in advance and cyclically planned to meet the annual needs of an organization, this allows the company to provide a better service with the satisfaction of providing the customer with the possibility of deliveries planned just in time that needs them According to their plan.


In our repair shop you can receive the following services:

  • Diagnosis of defective equipment.
  • Reparation of:
  • Personal computers
  • Servers
  • Laptops
  • Printers.
  • Monitors
  • Backup sources
  • Other peripheral equipment of the lines marketed by our company
  • Low equipment certification


To extend the life of your personal computers and peripheral equipment, reducing the level of breaks, Tecnomatica offers the preventive maintenance service planned in its own premises.

Tecnomatica offers an interesting proposal that can satisfy the needs of your equipment in such a way as to reduce as much as possible the breaks that are usually caused during operation.

Through the hiring of this service you get periodic and scheduled attention to your equipment, which includes:

Diagnosis of equipment operation

Cleaning each part and accessory

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