Safety, Occupational Health and Environment

The Industrial Safety, Occupational Health and Environmental Management (SSGA) area of the  Cuba-Oil Union, subordinated to the Technical Area, focuses on Emergency Management, Occupational Hygiene and Environmental Management in all production and service activities that fulfill the state mission of the organization. For this reason it has different auxiliary bodies that support its work: Committees of Experts of high scientific level that evaluate the lines of investigation of the industry in related topics and adjunct professors specialized in subjects of Environment and Industrial Safety that contribute to the formation and sensitization Of the Human Resources of CUPET in terms of SSGA is concerned.

It is the policy of SSGA, in the Cuba-Oil Union to help maintaining the Organization’s commitment to implement compliance with Law 81 of the Environment and Law 13 of Labor Protection and Health, as well as national and Applicable international standards; Systematically reducing the negative impact on the environment of their operations, through the elimination or mitigation to the reasonably achievable levels of the pollutant loads as well as reducing the levels of occupational risks as a result of the efficiency in their management from the Prevention of damage to health and work environment based on legal requirements in force and applicable to CUPET processes.

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    One of the vital processes in the oil industry. In this process the oil and gas fields onshore and offshore are located, analized and extracted.

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    The structure of the refining system that CUPET has is aimed at guaranteeing the supply of the national demand for petroleum derivatives.

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    Trade and Supply

    Complex logistics system throughout the national territory that works through a fleet of rented vessels and railways to move large volumes and has a fleet of tanker trucks that transport fuels to the different bases.