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Elfs Gas Cuba 

AEI Elfs Gas Cuba

ELF Gas Cuba SA, based in the city of Santiago de Cuba, inaugurated in 2018 as part of the gasification undertaken in the municipality of Santiago, the Cuban-French entity has since satisfied the demand of the CUPET fuel marketing companies in the provinces Santiago, Granmense and Guantanamera, as well as the Holguin municipality of Moa. It attends to the sales of the self-financed sector in foreign currency of those territories and Holguín, and for a little more than two years it assumed the free sale of liquefied gas at an unsubsidized price in the municipality of Santiago de Cuba, without the introduction of any modification in its already obsolete equipment.

Regarding the quality and safety of the service, the directive detailed the existence in each position of a digital weight, and another for verification at the end of the journey for the rejection of units lacking the required weight, as well as detectors of gas leaks, deformations in the cylinder body, and other abnormalities in the process.

It makes it possible to fill more than 10,000 cylinders a day in 16 continuous hours, in two shifts, with zero accidents and a technical availability of the equipment greater than 85%.


Castrol is an enterprise  of English origin founded by Sir Charles Wakefield on March 19, 1889 as Wakefield Oil Company. The origins of Castrol products in the island market date back to 1954, but it is in 1992 that the joint venture Castrol Cuba was founded, with CUPET as its other partner. In 1982, a Castrol representative office was opened in Cuba with almost immediate links for cooperation in motor sports, motocross and track motorcycling, but since 1983 the production of some of the Castrol lubricants in demand began in Cuba. Its products satisfy the most demanding demands of construction, mining, automotive, industry and marine, as they are leaders in lubricants for ships.

Castrol, in Cuba supplies lubricants for various sectors: automotive, industry, mining, marine, right now we are very interested in the port of Mariel, for the freight ships, which require our products. We also have technologies that contribute to the development of agriculture and the pharmaceutical industry, which is so important on the Island. For each of these markets we have specific products that respond to the requirements of those applications. In addition to the aforementioned sectors, they consider being able to increase business in electricity generation, tourism, take advantage of the increasingly growing traffic of cruise ships in this region, as well as the modernization of the fleet of vehicles, trucks, buses. The demand for lubricants is going to increase, and Castrol wants to be there, to please customers.

In Havana, more than 40 percent of the products that we put on the Cuban market are made with optimum quality, the formulations and technologies are owned by Castrol.


Empresa Cubana de Gas S.A.


Empresa Cubana de Gas SA, a joint venture established in 1997, which began its production activities in 1998, provides liquefied gas service to more than 440,000 clients – family nuclei – in the western provinces of the country, thus guaranteeing the supply of this fuel. domestic both to the population and to industries, tourist centers and other customers in the region. This joint venture is in charge of the reception, storage, packaging, dispatch and marketing of liquefied gas. This company serves the supply of gas in the provinces of Matanzas, Pinar del Río, Isla de la Juventud and the provinces of Havana, Artemisa and Mayabeque are supplied through the Liquid Gas Enterprise.

It also complies with the distribution of bottled and bulk LPG to the self-financed sector: hotels, restaurants, commercial firms, diplomatic corps and others, in the western region of the country, with its own vehicle fleet.

Unlike most gas plants in Latin America, this entity covers not only the bottling and distribution of fuel, but is also in charge of gas storage, the requalification of gas pellets and the maintenance of its fleet. automotive, investments that began to explode this year, along with a new supplies warehouse that operates with an efficient inventory system.

With the requalification plant, Empresa Cubana de Gas S.A. It saves about 2.5 dollars for each cylinder repaired, compared to the cost reported when the process was done outside the entity. The figure is considerable, if one takes into account that about 550 cylinders of 10 kilos capacity are repaired daily, which are the main park available to the company. With this they hope to requalify every year all cylinders that reach five years of operation, thus complying with national security regulations that require five-year capital repair.

Among the most important achievements of Empresa Cubana de Gas SA is the evaluation service of the safety conditions of the non-portable LPG pressure vessels owned by the clients by highly qualified technical personnel.

The Quality Management System is certified in 2020 by the new International Certification Body Lloys Register.

The investment in the Waste Treatment Plant culminated in October 2019, it is available and working.


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