Tax regime of the oil activity

Lacking the specific legal framework, oil activities are subject to the common tax regime established by the Tax System Law.

The main taxes applicable to investors (contractors, operators) and service subcontractors are:

a) Profit tax.

b) Tax on the use of workforce and social security contribution.

c) Tariffs and other sales at customs.

d) Tax on land transport, which taxes the ownership or possession of land motor vehicles.

e) Tax on documents, which cover rates and payments for applying, obtaining or renewing certain documents.

f) Tax on personal incomes (individuals).

Profit tax has a minimum tax rate of 30 percent, which in case of exploitation of natural resources, it can be set by the Council of Ministers (CM) in up to 50  percent, when authorizing the business.

Subcontractors, according to the characteristics of their activities and the way they operate, could not be subject to all those taxes and is taxed with a special tax regime based on their gross incomes.

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