Act for July 26 and revolutionary reaffirmation in MINEM

Source: Grupo Gestión de la Comunicación Unión Cuba-Petróleo

 This morning in the middle of Carlos III Avenue, the workers of the Cuba-Petroleum Union together with the MINEM and the UNE reaffirmed their support for the Cuban Revolution, our Party and, above all, their fidelity to the principles and the example of the young people that that 26 of July 1952, they gave their lives for this land that we are willing to continue defending at whatever cost is necessary. It was an authentic stage, where homage was paid to the young people of the Centennial Generation, fallen in the epic action led by the young lawyer Fidel Castro Ruz and young people who in these times have fully complied with today’s Moncada were recognized. The Minister of Energy and Mines Liván Arronte Cruz as well as other leaders of the PCC and the National Union of Energy and Mines Workers participated in the event.

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