(Español) Reconocidos jóvenes de la Oficina Central de la Unión Cuba-Petróleo

Source: Grupo Gestión de la Comunicación Unión Cuba-Petróleo

Renowned young people from the Central Office of the  Cuba-Oil Union On the morning of July 23, 3 young workers from the Central Office of the Cuba-Oil Union were recognized for their outstanding work in all the tasks that these times have imposed on us. They are the sure replacement of the Revolution, worthy followers of the example and legacy left by the youth of the Centennial Generation, fallen in the epic action led by the young lawyer Fidel Castro Ruz, they are at the forefront in today’s Moncada. In the order in which they appear in the photos they are:

Mirelis Pluma García (Audit Department)

Yoannis G. Quintero Bolaños (Technical Area)

Taymí M. Gálvez Apezteguía (Planning Department) Congratulations on behalf of the CUPET Board of Directors

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