Oil and Gas Apprenticeship Week in Cuba 2019

Source: Grupo de Capacitación Oficina Central CUPET.

“International Contracts of Oil, Gas and LNG – Arbitration, Jurisdictions and Disputes”

Teacher: Dr. María Luján Crespo and team

Objective of the Course: Obtain tools and knowledge for the negotiation, preparation and review of typical contracts used in oil operations. Understand the best ways to negotiate and write contracts from the point of view of their legality and safety as from the commercial and dynamic perspective of the business. Case studies and practical exercises will be done. Likewise, the clauses, terms and conditions that are usual in the contracts will be criticized and discussed. Some of the contracts that will be reviewed and analyzed during the course: Agreement of sale of natural gas, LNG, LPG and Crude Oil. Hydrocarbon transport agreements. Joint Marketing Agreement. Hydrocarbon processing and conditioning contract. Joint Operating Agreement. Gas Imbalancing Agreement. Confidentiality agreements. Intention letter. Memorandum of Understanding Master Service Agreement. Agreements for the purchase of oil supplies. Hiring of equipment. Bank loans. Farm-in Agreement. Insurance contract. Production Sharing Agreement. License and Concession Contract. Risk Service Contracts. Joint Bidding Agreement. Cession of rights. Data Trade Agreement. Escrow. Intercompany Loan Agreement. Settlement agreements.

Duration: The seminar consists of 32 teaching hours, spread over 4 days; 4 days of 8 hours each (4 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon).

To whom it is addressed: Legal, institutional relations, business development, supply chain, finance, marketing and commercial managers, area managers, managers, lawyers, accountants, engineers, technicians, and others related to the interaction and negotiation of contracts . Content of the seminar: -Introduction to Contracts: Introduction to the course. -Acquisition of Oil Rights: General notions about the domination of hydrocarbons in the World. Case of the United States: Ad Coelom Doctrine and Capura Rule. Doctrine of correlative rights. Well spacing. Private transactions: Preliminary Agreements (LOI-MOU-Confidentiality Agreements) and Farm-in. Transactions with sovereign States: Public tenders. Joint Bidding Agreements and joint study agreements. Concession & License. Shared Production Agreement. Service Contracts Mixed Companies Regressive regimes and progressive regimes. – Creation of consortiums and associations: Joint Operation Agreement (JOA) and Accounting Procedure. -Contracting Oil Services: Master Service Agreement and Drilling Contracts. Responsibility of the parties. Indemnity Clauses. Distribution of risks and insurance. -Monetization of Production: History of oil. Energy markets. World and regional production and consumption. Bookmarks prices Netback price. Derivatives and Futures. Trends in the industry. New technologies for the monetization of natural gas.

Contracts of Purchase of products (Oil, Gas and LNG). Review of clauses and cases. Terms and Conditions. Controversies surrounding the commercialization of hydrocarbons. -Resolution of disputes in Contracts and International & Extraterritorial Standards of impact on the Industry. International anti-corruption regulations. The universalization of the American jurisdiction in cases of corruption.

Title Obtained: Certificate of Assistance

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