For the development of the exploration-production activity, in our country there are specialized oil enterprises such as EPEP Centro and EPEP Occidente, also EMPERCAP, which is in charge of providing wells specialized services.
The exploration-production in Cuba is developed under estrict care and conservation meassures for the enviroment, for that reason all the established protocols are fulfill by entities such as CITMA and others.
The personnel which works in this area is higly qualified.
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    One of the vital processes in the oil industry. In this process the oil and gas fields onshore and offshore are located, analized and extracted.

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    The structure of the refining system that CUPET has is aimed at guaranteeing the supply of the national demand for petroleum derivatives.

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    Trade and Supply

    Complex logistics system throughout the national territory that works through a fleet of rented vessels and railways to move large volumes and has a fleet of tanker trucks that transport fuels to the different bases.