• To systematize the evaluation of resources and reserves with the use of new automated methods of modeling and simulation for quantitative estimation of resources in each exploration scenario, by block and geological unit, in addition to evaluating resources and reserves abroad.
  • To manage and consolidate the financing of the necessary material resources, to guarantee investments in the assimilation of new productive areas operated by CUPET both in Cuba and abroad. Improve logistics infrastructure and introduction of new technologies at all stages of exploration and production of Oil and Natural Gas.
  • Conduct exploration projects in a comprehensive manner, guaranteeing the exploratory actions in the minimum of time and expenses, in addition to performing them with an acceptable level of risk and reward. This criterion is valid for both own projects and in partnership, organizing at least five zones of integral work:
    Cuban North Oil Strip (FPNC), Habana Zone – Matanzas: Evaluate and develop new discoveries
    Western Zone of the FPNC (Pinar del Río): Start evaluation of a new discovery.
    Cuba Center – Eastern FPNC: Start evaluating a new discovery.
    SEZ of Cuba in the Gulf of Mexico: Start evaluation of a discovery.
    Rest of Cuba: Province Petrolera Sur Cubana, including shallow waters, continue exploration and eventual evaluation of a discovery.
  • Build the Exploration Center to guarantee the development of oil prospecting, both in Cuba and abroad. This center has three fundamental sections:
    Geophysical data processing center (seismic and potential fields).
    Information Center.
    Integrated studies.
  • Monitor compliance with the exploratory drilling and evaluation and development drilling program as well as the seismic acquisition program. In addition, exploratory works are planned for the period 2012 – 2017 in prospective areas with the following technical-organizational premises.
  • Conclude the evaluation and development of the areas that currently have industrial production, including comprehensive technological exploitation schemes.
  • Support for exploration and production activities abroad.
    SEZ of Cuba in the Gulf of Mexico.
    Eastern half of the FPNC, from Villa Clara to Holguín.
    SEZ of Cuba in the eastern half of Cuba, from Ciego de Ávila to Holguin.
    Areas south of Cuba.
  • Increase crude oil production, depending on the results of the development of the discovered deposits and possible new discoveries. 
  • To study and introduce effective methods of secondary recovery, with the purpose of increasing the rate of recovery of reserves from 7% to 10% in reservoirs whose operating regime is economically feasible.
  • Maintain a strict control over the production parameters that allow the efficient exploitation of the fields in production, impacting on the Operational Foreign Companies to achieve this purpose.
  • Execute the Hydrodynamic Research Programs in the CUPET-operated reservoirs and in which it operates in association with Foreign Companies.
  • To carry out the updating of the Development Programs of the reservoirs in operation, as well as the programs of the new discoveries.
  • Continue or initiate the evaluation and development of the discovered deposits with the drilling of wells.
  • Gradual and progressive transfer of the gasopetrolífera exploration to the new geological scenarios currently unexplored.
  • Continue development drilling work on already discovered fields and new areas.
  • Continue the Reservation Quantification Project in the Orinoco Heavy Crude Belt in collaboration with PDVSA.
  • Introduce and apply the necessary technology for the drilling of long range wells.
  • Consolidate specialized oil services.
  • The projection of Equivalent Oil production for 2017 includes.
  • Guarantee the extraction, delivery and rational exploitation of Natural Gas Accompaniment in the fields, maintaining a delivery level of 100% from the planned production.
  • Increase operating efficiency levels in oil separation plants (gas – liquid) at the reservoir level and in oil treatment plants.
  • Guarantee the natural gas supply buffer system to the Gas Company of Ciudad de la Habana, with the increase of operating pressure in the Boca de Jaruco Gas Pipeline to Zero Point from 23 to 52 bar.
  • Raise the level of operational reliability in the Gas Natural gas pipeline network to the Metan Air production plants
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